Securus Technologies Mows Down The Adversary

As one of the leading communications companies in the industry, Securus Technologies provides communication platforms for correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety enterprises. The company currently serves over 3,400 clients and more than 1,200,000 inmates and their families.


The Securus platform works well with iPhones, Androids, tablets, and regular landline configurations. Calling plans include prepaid plans, direct billing plans, collect plans, and inmate debit plans where the inmate pays the bill himself. The video calling plan is very popular as the callers can see each other during the call. A webcam setup is required for that plan. A Jail Voicemail plan, email, and a special money transfer plan are all available too.


The capability of providing easy connections from inmate to family has created a paradigm shift in the inmate-family relationship, as frequent communications open up new doors in the family dynamic. Overall, the program is well-received in all of the institutions where it is installed.


A competitor of Securus, GTL, has recently begun to disseminate completely false claims which attempt to paint Securus as an inefficient and spurious provider of these services. GTL claims that their prices and services are much more superior than those of Severus. Nothing could be further from the truth, but GTL persisted. The false information and radical dribble coming from GTL seem to have originated in the Wonder Book of Dr. Crazyhead, so Securus decided to pull the plug and set things right again.


Securus put out a public challenge where is was suggested that each company put forth all of their data and metrics and secure the services of a disinterested third party entity to judge the value of each. As soon as the information about the challenge was in the public domain, the silence coming from GTL was evident. Nothing was heard from them for a few weeks when suddenly a memo was received from GTL politely declining to take part in the challenge. The proof is in the pudding, and from the standpoint of Securus, the pudding tasted very good.


Betsy DeVos: Two Sides of the Story

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is an interesting, if complicated figure. Publicly, she presents a polite, even reticent, demeanor, but behind the scenes she has proven herself to be a fighter for her causes. For example, in 2017, she fought against Trump’s revocation of a policy that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom of their gender identity. While she publicly accepted her defeat without even letting on that she had been on the other side of the fight, in private she met with a government LBGQT representative to let him know what was coming.


Through her years in politics as chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and a funder of the Republican Party, DeVos has proven herself to be a fierce contender, albeit in a less public manner than other politicians. Her public reticence has proven successful for her, as she is often underestimated. Many believe that although she is new to Washington, she will eventually figure out the inner-workings and get what she wants.


In DeVos’s home state of Michigan, she grew up in a wealthy family and married into an even wealthier family, but most agree that she uses much more than her money to achieve her goals. A long proponent of charter schools, she has fought to install them in Michigan, particularly in Detroit. Even when some of those same charter schools reported low levels of achievement, DeVos has maintained her position. DeVos has argued that the school system should be a free market, with parents guiding the school systems by having a choice in what school their children attend.


DeVos is not a fan of the public school system. While many supporters of the public school system point to well-performing schools in the US, DeVos and others have argued that even America’s best public schools are still below high-performing schools in other countries.


Now DeVos is bringing her educational philosophies to Washington. Just last year, she toured a charter school in Washington, DC, praising the school for its accomplishments and touting the importance of parents’ choice in education. She then traveled to Florida to tour several schools. DeVos is a supporter of the state’s governor, Jeb Bush, who has long supported charter schools and voucher systems. DeVos even visited rapper Pitbull’s Miami-based charter school, SLAM, and spoke alongside him about the importance of education.


Despite her strong ideologies, DeVos had a rough start in Washington. She wavered on some of her answers about education policy and federal law during her Senate confirmation hearings. She even made a comment about school officials and guns that was reportedly a joke but earned her some ridicule on parody television shows.


Despite her issues, the Senate approved her with a 50-51 vote. Vice-President Mike Pence actually made the tie-breaking vote.


Even though the media has poked fun at her, DeVos has declined to react. She seems to be more focused on getting her job done than spending time worrying what people think. Some even say that adversity only makes her stronger and she will get what she wants.


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Whitney Wolfe Herd: An Entrepreneur Out to Change the Dating Game

Patch published Amanda Moore’s article “Buzzing with Feminism: Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Journey to Queen Bee” which discusses the CEO of Bumble and her journey to becoming empowered while encouraging female empowerment on a larger scale.

Whitney Wolfe Herd worked hard to be a leader in the technology industry, particularly in the dating world. She started as a co-founder and Vice President of Marketing with Tinder, a dating platform. After going through a sexual harassment case against Tinder, she started Bumble to help make her vision of female empowerment a reality.

Bumble revolutionized the dating apps because it is women centric. Only women are allowed to make the first move after a connection has been made. It quickly rose to the top of the dating app charts, becoming one of the leading dating apps in the U.S. It has nearly 30 million users and is currently beginning to venture into new verticals. Bumble is now beginning to become a social network that allows people to connect with potential friends and business contacts as well as possible dates.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s story begins in the college years in Utah where she studied International Studies at Southern Methodist University. One of her first ventures into entrepreneurship was a non-profit that focused on selling tote bags to help marine habitats after the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast. The “Help Us Project” was a collaboration with the celebrity stylist Patrick Aufdenkamp who designed the bags. She continued to work with Aufdenkamp after with Tender Hear, a non-profit designed to prevent human trafficking.

After she finished her degree at SMU, she quickly went on to developing a dating app with Chris Gulczynski which allowed people to swipe right on the potential dates they were interested in. Though the app became the highest rated dating app in the U.S. and had a valuation of billions, Whitney Wolfe Herd decided to leave the company. She left after she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company.

She wasn’t planning on remaining in the dating tech space, however she soon began Bumble after meeting with Andrey Andreev, who has Badoo. Andreev provided funding for the app and Whitney Wolfe Herd was determined to make the app oriented around women. She felt it would also help men who were similarly not served well by the current dating app culture.

Wolfe was also recently featured in the Fast Company article “Bumble Staff Faced Threats and Harassment after Gun Picture Ban” which discusses how the company and CEO have been harassed by pro-gun activists after banning pictures of guns in the profile.

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Penelope Kokkinides meets with President Trump to discuss the state of healthcare in Puerto Rico

Expenditure on healthcare has become a huge burden for many households. Some households have reported spending more than 50 percent of the household budget on healthcare expenses. Although there are several health care insurance covers that one can acquire, they do not cover most of the chronic diseases. Therefore, the family is left struggling to raise hospital funds for their loved ones whenever illnesses come knocking. Fortunately, companies such as InnovaCare Health have come to provide a relief for people who have been suffering for many years.

InnovaCare Health is renowned healthcare company offering Medicaid and Medicare Advantage. Innovacare operates the PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico. Additionally, InnovaCare also manages some two other Government-run Medical plans in Puerto Rico. Over the years, InnovaCare has earned a reputation as the best provider of healthcare services in Puerto Rico. But you cannot talk about InnovaCare’s immense success in the healthcare industry without mentioning the firm’s top leadership.

InnovaCare’s leadership

Richard Shinto, popularly known as Ric Shinto sits at the topmost seat in the firm. He serves as the CEO and the president of InnovaCare. Ric Shinto previously worked at Aveta Inc where he served on the management team. Richard Shinto brings a wealth of experience to InnovaCare. His experience in the field of healthcare spans over two decades. He has previously worked in other healthcare companies such as the NAMM California where he served as the Chief Medical Officer. Additionally, Richard Shinto also served at Medical Pathways Management Company as the Chief Medical Officer. At one point, Mr. Ric Shinto also served as the Corporate Vice President of the MedPartners.

Besides being an influential leader in the healthcare sector, Ric Shinto has also greatly contributed to the body of knowledge in the healthcare sector. He has authored numerous articles in the field of healthcare and clinical medicine. Ric Shinto graduated from the University of California with Bachelor of Science degree. He then went ahead to earn a medical degree and a master’s degree in business management from the University of New York and Redlands respectively.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is an equally learned and experienced leader in the healthcare industry. Before joining InnovaCare, she served at Aveta Inc as the COO and Vice President of Clinical Operations. Penelope earned a degree in Classical languages and Biological sciences from Binghamton University. She also holds a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Columbia. Penelope is devoted to bettering the healthcare situation in Puerto Rico. She recently met with President Donald Trump to discuss the state of healthcare in Puerto Rico.


Betsy DeVos: Pushing for a More Involved Educational System

The education that your children receive is foundational of basic human rights. They should feel as though they are receiving a type of education that empowers them to move forward in society in such a way that they are able to be productive as they grow. Unfortunately, there is something entirely wrong with the United States public school system. It continues to underperform, even after officials have vowed to overhaul the dying process. Parents maintain a level of frustration and push their children to adhere to impossible standards centered around a broken lesson plan. The entire process becomes tiresome and monotonous. There’s no reason that children should feel the pressure associated with carrying the burdens of the entire system on their shoulders.


The problem is, that is exactly what they are doing. SOL, or Standards of Learning, testing is a direct measure that administrators use to obtain the effectiveness of their institution. The problem is that these tests can be directly manipulated by the administrators in teaching staff. Simply, those professionals need to teach the children the material that they will directly test for instead of ascertaining whether or not these students have gleaned meaning out of the material. That is such a major issue, that students continue down the educational line unable to build on to the foundations of previous years. School administrators have become too focused on passing an exam and less focused on the actual quality of education that they provide to their students. Simply, the students have become workhorses for public financial funding for their schools.


To administrators alike Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, this practice is abhorrent. She looks at the standards that delegate the learning standards for other countries and finds that there is a huge gap between them and the United States. She believes that the way to solve such a gap is to institute a broader standard of education, through school choice. School choice will allow students to be enrolled in private schools, charter schools, homeschooling initiatives, and even hybrid universities that center around a virtual environment. These different opportunities will allow parents to enroll their children into programs that might closely serve in their children’s own unique learning styles, instead of being placed in a cookie-cutter environment where they are expected to learn based on a template created off of students that may not necessarily learn in the same types of ways.


Betsy DeVos explains in a recent interview with the staff of Philanthropy Roundtable that school choice is going to be the future for these types of children. She believes that there will be a greater standard of education within the United States as this movement continues to gain traction. Students are in a very precarious position at this moment, they can either continue down a disastrous educational road or they can split off from their peers and seek out a type of learning that is completely unique to who they are and what they need out of that environment.


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Shafik Sachedina- The Renowned Dental Surgeon

Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950 in Dar Esalaam, Tanzania. In his teenage, he moved to the United Kingdom where he joined Guy medical college in London. He then joined a dental school in London where he received his training as a dental surgeon. He has since then worked as a practicing surgeon majoring in dental surgery in many hospitals in London and earned himself a status of being the best dental surgeon in the country.

Besides being offering dental surgery services, Shafik Sachedina is a big participator in community service work. He has made contributions for many years at the Institute of Ismaili Studies. This institution was established in 1977 with its major goal being to generate awareness on the culture of Islam’s through initiatives and publications to endorse this religion all over the world. This organization has the biggest library which has so many publications in the form of journals, books, and magazines that contain a lot of Islamic content which is set to promote the culture and Islamic religion.

Shafik is a holder of several essential positions in this organization. He heads Jamati Institution which serves around sixteen counties in the world. He has the mandate of ensuring that all the sixteen branches of the institute carry out their activities efficiently and smoothly. Shafik Sachedina also holds the delegation of functions and duties in these sixteen branches. He is a member of the board in the institution which is the decision-making wing in the institution. They make decisions pertaining key events and other matters in the institution. These decisions are made after intense discussion among all board members.

Shafik is also a network committee member at Aga Khan development network. This organization basically majors in ensuring that Muslims economic development statuses are maintained. He has joint chairmanship at Sussex Health Care firm which majors in providing support and care to homes majorly in Sussex county situated in south England. The company has been operating for over twenty-five years. The company was accredited in 2002 by the Health Quality Service. It then acquired International Standards ISO three years after covering management systems. This company aims at providing high-quality care standards for all their patients. Investing intensively on their services and employees enable them to offer this quality services and care to their patients. In his previous years, Shafik Sachedina has served as Imara Unite Kingdom’s and Horsham Clinic limited’s director.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi And Why Bradesco Should Not Be Complacent

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is one of the most dedicated and insightful business leaders in Brazil today. He’s the man partly responsible for the progress and growth of Bradesco today, and without his contribution, Bradesco’s leading position in the competition of big banks in Brazil would have been disadvantageous.

Not Too Complacent

There is much insightful news today regarding Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, but one of the most notable and talked about is his expert opinion of the cyclical economic conditions of Brazil between 2014 to 2016, which was featured in Folha, an online journal.

In that feature, Luiz Cappi shared the opinion that it is too early right now to celebrate the progress and economic recovery of Brazil. The growth and rise right now could still be part of a cycle that would later on dip. He even said that there could still be a resumption of a chicken flight kind of recovery.

The one way that could sustain the progressive economic system of Brazil today, he says, is to make sure that there are reforms initiated to address the incompetence and loopholes in the government according to This is, in fact, the conclusion that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was able to arrive at after the World Economic Forum that happened in Sao Paulo.

Luiz Cappi is the Chairman of Bradesco’s Board of Directors, and his position is a strong authority that could put a lot of weight to his analysis. It is part of his latest analysis, too, that there are still many reasons right now for the business community to not be too complacent. The problem of fiscal deficit in Brazil is still too strong. It risks making the business industry unsustainable, and it opens up the economy to more fragilities.

Read more: Novo presidente do Bradesco substituirá Luiz Trabuco dia 12 de março

Bradesco’s Operations

Being the CEO of Banco Bradesco also means that Luiz Cappi has to oversee the complete turnaround of every tiny change in the business operations of the bank. Bradesco right now is Brazil’s second-largest bank, and because of the recent fiscal challenges that Brazil is facing, Mr. Cappi has to make sure that it doesn’t become complacent, too.

It should also not celebrate too much the recovery that Brazil faces today. It should still be a bank that helps in reforming the policies in the public sector to encourage accountability in private firms.

Pension Reform

The urgency of these reforms should not also be underestimated. Mr. Cappi thinks that the reforms should now be initiated, as early as the first year of the next government year. In light of this, Mr. Cappi thinks that there should be a Pension Reform because it is not fair that the public elite is getting 10 to 15 times higher in pension compared to the majority. The private sector employees are even getting inferior pension arrangements today, and that surely is something that has to be resolved.

In conclusion, there are many challenges that Brazil faces, but these are not reasons to lose hope. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi leads in the optimism to not lose hope in getting Brazil back to its best years.

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Talk Fusion Becomes the Choice for Better Call Communication

Talk Fusion has become a company that is making it much easier for business leaders to conduct meetings. It is also making it easier for teachers to provide students with virtual field trips. Talk Fusion even gives entrepreneurs the chance to advertise better with video email. On a personal note, Talk Fusion is great for communication between friends and family members.


Sending messages in the form of video or connecting through a video chat has never been easier, and Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina is the one that people have to thank for this.


Many of the consumers in more than 120 countries that are using Talk Fusion everyday may not realize it, but Talk Fusion came about because the CEO was told that there was something that he could not do by way of email. He was told that he would not be able to send a video clip through an email message because the clip was too big. This was not uncommon for ISP providers to tell people this. Even today without the use of Talk Fusion this is still true. The email clips are simply too big for a standard email document. This is where Bob Reina saw a chance innovate and bring about a whole new way of creating email messages. Learn more:


It has been relatively easy for more people to appreciate the benefits of a company like Talk Fusion because this company offers so many things. It is essentially an all-in-one solution that covers all ground when it comes to video communication, file-sharing, email marketing and real time solutions that do not have delays. Bob and his team of developers have continued to step things up and keep people aware of all the new and exciting changes in technology.


Talk Fusion has a grown with the fan base because it has never been the type of company that has relied on following the trends of other companies. To the contrary, Talk Fusion has always been a trendsetter. This company has evolved in a major way because it has been able to bring forth new concepts and connect customers with technology that continues to outperform the competition.


It is good to have a company like Talk Fusion that is presenting people with better options for making presentations and starting group meetings. Talk Fusion has even found a way for people to share these products and earn a commission.


Rocketship Education Has Been Propelling K-5 Learning Forward

Rocketship Education is a public charter school system that has been changing the dynamics of how a student’s learning is approached. They have a well-rounded system in place that approached a child’s learning from all different angles to ensure they succeed. With Rocketship’s curriculum and personalized training for every student, it is hard for students to fall behind as well, or easy for them to get back on track. Either way, it’s a positive thing the ROcketship Education system is bringing to the educational market. What’s better is they are making this education available to all students, including those from low-income families. Since first opening more than 10 years ago, Rocketship Education has built a strong reputation for their academics, with many of their student performing in the top 10 percentile in math and reading throughout the country.

Rocketship Education is able to offer their improved learning experience to all student because of the various donations and funding they-they have received over the years, allowing them to open more schools every year and keep admitting new students from around California. Today, Rocketship Education is pushing to open more public charter schools in communities throughout the U.S. Rocketship’s approach to their “Rocketeers” learning comes through on every level, from the curriculum, the parents, teachers, and the school environment that they learn in.

One of the best things about Rocketship Educations approach to their student’s learning is their involvement with the parents. Rocketship ensures parents and teachers are acquainted and comfortable to make every child’s learning that much more effective. With proper support at home and the right techniques to engage students in school, every child is capable of making great improvements in their growth. No students background is used against them when it comes to attending Rocketship Education and as it stands they have a widely diverse student base where everyone is welcome.

Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a former Israeli diplomat who was once the country’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. He is also an international lawyer with extensive experience in this field as he has been practicing law for many years.

Daniel Taub is also a regular contributor to one of the most widely read newspapers in the world. He regularly writes articles and blogs about Israel and the Middle East. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Some of the publications that he contributes to include The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, and the Huffington Post. Mr. Taub is also the writer of Parasha Diplomatit.

This is a book that gives readers an insight of the Bible on a weekly basis. In this book, Mr. Taub has explicitly analyzed the Torah bringing out a sense of humor as well as the political perspective of the writing.

Mr. Taub is also the chief scriptwriter of the famous Israeli drama series that is called HeChatzerMr. Taub developed the series with the intention of breaking the secular and religious stereotypes that exist in Israel. This film was created and produced in an ultra-orthodox Hasidic sect.

Mr. Taub views the series as the bridge that links the Downton Abbey and the Chosen. Mr. Taub is also a prolific writer of the international law, and he gives lectures on this topic. He once served as the speechwriter to the Israeli president, Mr. Chaim Herzorg.

Mr. Taub was born in the United Kingdom. He later returned to Israel where his parents hailed from. While in Israel, Daniel Taub worked as an intellectual property lawyer.

He says that he primarily chose this field as the technology revolution was in its formative stages and there was hope that soon, technology would dominate all activities. In 1990, the Madrid Peace Conference was held.

The conference suggested that there could be peace talks between Israel and their neighbors. This sounded like an exciting undertaking for Mr. Taub as he has studied international law and the negotiation theory. He decided to join the Israelis foreign ministry. Mr. Taub later admitted that this turned to be the beginning of a long journey in the diplomacy field.

Daniel Taub talks highly of his time as Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. He says that the task kept him busy always.

Most of the times, Daniel Taub was involved in activities such as political dialogue, academic cooperation, and intelligence sharing. He always tried to keep a balance not to overdo one role at the expense of the other.

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Daniel Taub – Israeli Diplomat and International Lawyer

Rabbi Sacks in conversation with Daniel Taub

Fortress Investment Group One of the Largest Investment Managers In the World

The role of alternative asset class has significantly increased in the last few years as the general assets are underperforming. While individual investors are struggling to keep their finances in order, it has become difficult for the institutional investors as well to keep up with the market trends and its unpredictable volatility. Managing assets and defining short and long-term investment strategies mark some of the most significant challenges that the organizations face. It becomes difficult for the organizations after a point of financial growth to manage their finance and assets in a primitive manner in-house. It is when help from the professional investment and asset managers comes in handy. One of the largest alternative asset managers in the world today is Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is a publicly listed investment management firm with over $50 billion in assets under management and counting. Fortress Investment Group was founded by Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffmann. Currently, Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer of the company, which was recently taken over by the Softbank Group. All the three co-founders of Fortress Investment Group has had phenomenal success in their career in the financial world, which is what triggered the partnership and the thought of starting out on their own. Fortress Investment Group was primarily an equity firm but later moved on to other sectors as well, including real-estate investment, hedge-funds, and debt securities. The company has won many awards over the year for its remarkable performance in the hedge fund and investment management industry.

Recently, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by Softbank Group Corp for $3.3 billion. The acquisition means that Softbank owns the outstanding shares of Fortress Group. In the press release issued by Softbank, it was mentioned that all the due diligence and formal procedures for the completion of the transaction had been completed. Fortress Investment Group has close to 2,000 institutional clients across the globe and has nearly a thousand employees stationed at its headquarters in New York and other satellite offices in the United States, and elsewhere. Fortress Investment Group devices investment strategies for the clients that would help them multiply their investments over a period while also help to minimize the risks of market volatility.

The management services offered by the company also includes corporate mergers and acquisitions, which can be very complicated and time-consuming. With years of experience in the financial industry, Fortress Investment Group is geared to handle even the largest of mergers and acquisitions with ease. The company’s management team has won many awards over the years for their superlative performance and achievements, including providing clients with exemplary returns even during sluggish financial market. The equity market is the key focus of the company and the analysis done by the company is considered to be highly predictive and accurate. Many of the clients have recorded huge profits through the financial planning and advice given by the company. Fortress Investment Group continues to help its client sail through the rough financial times to ensure long-term financial goals are achieved.