Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is a great company which has recently undergone an expansion and restructuring. They are the number one provider of health care and assisted living in the UK. Their patients are cared for by a caring and admiring staff who strive to keep them safe and healthy. They believe in the greats service they provide and their goal is to help each individual live the best life possible. Sussex Health Care goes the extra mile to invest in their people and motivate staff to reach their full potential. Their primary strategy revolves around education and training. They will work with all of their people to help them grow.

Sussex Health Care has hired a new CEO as of this year. It has been a great journey with the previous CEO, but it was time to implement a change of strategy. The transition has been a great experience. The new CEO is poised to grow the company into an even better care center dedicated to the treatment of sick and elderly. They primarily take care of people suffering from neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The center was built in the hopes that it would house the elderly and help them live the bet life they could. It was founded by people who truly care.


Sussex health care offers a complete benefits package of pension, uniforms, transportation, meals, education, and paid breaks. The education is top notch and provided by in-house proctors. They take pride in being able to bring out the best in their employees. The high level training takes place right there on the campus in the main facility. The Training Academy is available for all employees who are seeking extra training for their career advancement.

Currently, Sussex health Care has available positions in all fields. They are offering careers as a care assistant, payroll supervisor, deputy care home manager, and others. All fields are under the umbrella of Sussex Health Care and are provided with the same benefits package. For individuals wishing to work in-house as care assistants and nurses there are many open positions and training is available.

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Doe Deere – article recap

Best known as the “Unicorn Queen” of the online makeup universe, Doe Deere launched her amazingly colorful online makeup company, Lime Crime, back in 2008. Born far away in Russia, she was then raised in New York City where she embarked on her intense studying of fashion design, So, when asked how she got started, Ms. Deere recounted how she became truly dedicated to the creation of vegan, certified, and completely cruelty-free cosmetics that are also bold and exceptionally colorful. Her Lime Crime line includes glittery lip gloss, trendy nail polish, colorful eyeshadow palettes, rainbow-colored liquid liners, and what she playfully calls “lipsticks that are criminally coveted”.


How Lime Crime Got Started

So, you may be asking just how the young Doe Deere got started in the cosmetics business. Her first professional experience was in designing her own clothing line. But, as it turned out, that line needed some impactful makeup to accompany it. Makes sense, right? She has always loved makeup, (naturally), but also is a fan of fairy tales. So, of course, combining the two was the next logical step for her. And, since the unicorn is her company’s mascot, she became known as the Unicorn Queen and she just loves that nickname. It’s so her!


Sold on eBay

Ms. Deere first sold her cosmetics on eBay and was bringing in steady profits within just a year. So, after launching her original limited collection in 2008, the company started to take off by 2009 due to the immense positive publicity she and her company were getting. And, from there, Lime Crime just kept getting bigger!


What’s in a Name?

Why Lime Crime? Many people ask that question because they’re curious about how she came up with that particular name for her new company. Well, her simple explanation is that she also loves rhyming. So, a rhyming session brought about those two magic words “Lime” and “Crime” and she just liked the way they sounded together. The online cosmetics-buying public seems to love it, too, since her products have become so popular. In addition, her favorite color, which is also the signature color for the Lime Crime brand, is purple. And, what does purple represent? Creativity, of course! And, let’s face it, in the field of innovative new cosmetics, who is more creative than Doe Deere?


Is Lime Crime Only Available Online?

In 2008, Doe Deere created and launched the Lime Crime line of magically inspiring and intensely colorful cosmetics. And, now they’re not only available for purchasing online but also in numerous retail stores in the U.S., as well as internationally. Of course, the retail giant, Walmart, is one of the first to carry this amazing cosmetic line, so look for it on their shelves. Other stores, like Bloomingdale’s, are now carrying Lime Crime, too. Ulta Beauty and Amazon have also recently started carrying the brand online. So, as you can see, Doe Deere and her fantastic Lime Crime company are literally everywhere!


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The Incredible Customer Service Of The Fagali’l Airport

Landing at the Fagali’l airport will put you within just miles of the beautiful beaches, adventurous jungles, volcanoes and museums of Apia and surrounding cities. As the Fagali’l airport is highly reviewed, such positivity is owed to the dedicated, hard-working and highly trained staff that puts in 100% effort to ensure that customers are completely satisfied during their airport visit. Warm smiles of a knowledgeable, friendly and proficient staff. Are you ready for an ultimate satisfactory experience as a guest of the Fagali’l airport?
From the roadway to the runway, customers are completely taken care of according to the best of customer quality. Checking in? Finally made it! and on time, hopefully. according to, airport attendants are surely cordial and helpful in any event, especially if you’re totally opposite of the Samoan way. No worries. Everyone is welcomed, no matter your race, ethnicity, belief or language, everyone is treated like a human being and respected with the utmost decency.

Expect the following airlines to operate out of the Fagali’l airport: South Pacific Island Airways, Talofa Airways, Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air. Flights go out to both Sagai’i and Pago Pago destinations.
From the ticketing; bag tagging and handling, boarding, dispatching and de-planing, your customer service experience is immaculate. It is encouraged to rate and offer a testimony of customer service experiences as such helps improve a customer’s overall experience through the Fagali’l airport. Through previous testimonies, many customer service training programs were able to be a factor and has helped customers enjoy the many facets of the airport in more detail.
Visit the Fagali’ll airport today and start your Apia journey off on the right foot. With classy and friendly customer service that you can surely appreciate and you and your family can definitely get into gear for an unbelievable Apia experience according to
For the most interesting Apia destinations, visit the information desk. A highly professional representative would be more than happy to assist you with a plethora of related knowledge that can get you where you and your family desire with recommendations on additional fun-filled locations as well.

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Securus Technologies, Raising the Bar with New Product Offerings

Securus Technologies was recently featured on the news in a story by NBC in Miami. The story showcased Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer on a mission. He’s an advocate for new technology that’s been introduced by JPay, a company that’s recently been acquired by Securus. The company normally specializes in financial services, such as money transfers, funding inmate accounts, and the like. Wireless containment systems are new technology that’s been developed to stop contraband cell phone use in the correctional facilities. JPay has also recently introduced tablet computers that are available to inmates. They feature educational software and limited entertainment.


The use of contraband wireless devices is a growing problem in these institutions. They’re typically brought in by visitors, arrive in packages to inmates, or even given to inmates by employees. New technology has even captured cell phones being dropped into the jail yards by drones.


The threat that these devices pose is that inmates are able to get in touch with the outside world, unmonitored. Johnson himself was shot six times simply for doing his job; confiscating a package that was valued at over $50,000. A former inmate went to Johnson’s home and shot him. While Johnson kept his wife safe, he lives with pain as a result of the attack. Ever since the incident, he’s advocated for the installation of WCS in all facilities. Working alongside Securus, they hope to pass legislation to make the systems mandatory in all facilities. Thus far, the devices have been highly successful, blocking what’s been estimated at over one billion attempts from illegal devices.


Securus Technologies, the parent company, is over 30 years old. The company is based in Texas and serves several thousand facilities across the country and over 1.2 million inmates. Most known for telephone services, the company has been expanding their product line over the years. Video visitation, messaging, commissary items, and even financial services are among the diverse product offerings available to the inmates and their families. Internal products include video and communications monitoring, management software, booking systems, and much more.


Recently Securus earned an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau and became an accredited business. The company has also managed to increase its customer satisfaction ratings to over 95 percent, which is an impressive achievement for nearly any company. Resolving nearly all concerns in a single customer service contact, the company continues to march forward doing what it does best; connecting inmates with their loved ones and making customers their top priority.


US. Money Reserve as an Official Sponsor

It was announced that the U.S. Money Reserve became an official sponsor of the 47th annual Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction. This was an auction for car buffs that featured rare collectibles. The McLaren P1 GTR was one of the vintage automobiles featured.

The U. S. Money Reserve is known for selling precious metals. They had a booth set up so that anyone of the attendees interested could either learn more or invest in their product. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Explaining to the curious car enthusiasts about how owning gold is important can bring more customers. Most of them are very rich and invest their money into things of worth. Having a McLaren P1 GTR certainly helps. This is a one of a kind vehicle. Only 45 of the cars were ever produced.

As far as mileage goes, this car had 605 miles on it. It was not taken out of the garage much. This car has a top speed of 225 miles per hour and goes from 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds. Gary Bennett is the man to contact if you are interested. It is best to make sure that you are serious about buying this car though before calling him.

The U. S.  Money sells precious metals to consumers looking for peace of mind in economic uncertainty. Those that are willing to invest in vintage automotive will certainly want to try their hand at protecting their greatest asset. Unlike the Barrett-Jackson Auction, the U. S.  Reserve does not have decades of history.

While the auction has been around for 100 hundred years, the reserve has been in existence since 2002. This company leads the nation in being a huge distributor of gold and silver, which is government issued. If you are looking to get your hands on the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Coin from Australia’s Perth Mint, you are in luck.

The Money Reserve is the exclusive dealer and will gladly sell it to you. The Scottsdale Auction is not the only place where this company is holding sponsorship. Other auctions include Las Vegas, Nevada, Palm Beach, Florida, and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Read more: US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire and US Money Reserve | Bizjournals

Guest of all ages get the pleasure of enjoying the view of so many wonderful and classic vehicles. Celebrating the lifestyle that people have of collecting cars is what the Barrett-Jackson Auction is all about. The U. S. Money Reserve proudly sponsoring that lifestyle is definitely an honor.

The Sins of Joe Arpaio Explained by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

The infamous sheriff of Maricopa County has one or another reason to hit the headlines of the newspapers. Joe Arpaio recently hit the news headlines when he got the Presidential pardon though everyone expected a prison term for him.

Especially people who have experienced torture and racial profiling by him were eagerly waiting to see him behind bars.

It is not just the migrants, or the disadvantaged sections of the society experienced his brutality, but Arpaio was targeting everyone who was criticizing him including his political opponents as well. Even prominent news reporters were not spared by him. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

It was very clear when he arrested Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey for reporting a grand-jury investigation which sheriff warned them not to report. It was in 2007, both the journalists were taken by Selective Enforcement Unit of the county and handcuffed under the instruction of Joe Arpaio.

On those days, Lacey was serving as the executive editor of the news media group, Village Voice Media, and Larkin was the Chief Executive Officer of the group. Just before their arrest, they published the details of the grand-jury probe in Phoenix New Times, a newspaper from the group.

It is later identified that more than just an arrest based on the incident, Sheriff Arpaio was targeting the newsgroup as Phoenix New Times was continuously targeting Joe for his misdeeds and exposing the misdeeds done by his departments for long.

Recently, Larkin and Lacey explained the incidents that led to arrest of the journalists as well as the downfall of the sheriff.

They remember that the sheriff was notorious for a number of heinous acts including handcuffing the pregnant women to the beds even while they are going through the delivery process, extrajudicial campaigns against political foes and critics, and numerous death stories of detainees in his prisons due to intense torture.

The most highlighted vendettas were against Lacey and Larkin as well as abuse to the Latinos living in Maricopa County. The later became the reason for his downfall as it became the well-known Melendres v. Arpaio lawsuit.

While coming to the arrests of the journalists, it created immediate furor across the country as it was considered as a breach to the First Amendment rights of the journalist duo and Arpaio was forced to release both within 24 hours. Additionally, another court order, after five years, made the county liable to pay $3.7 to the journalists as compensation.

Lacey and Larkin decided to use the amount for a noble cause than for any individual needs. With that thought in mind, they established a nonprofit activist group called Frontera Fund.

The initiative plays an excellent role in addressing the migrant issues in the state of Arizona with campaigning, news coverage, help groups, financial assistance, legal assistance, and more.

While coming to Sheriff Arpaio, he could not get the mandate in November 2016, for the seventh time, considering the scandals and investigation pending against him. In the early July 2017, he caught with contempt of court on Melendres suit, which ultimately led to the Presidential pardon.

Eric Lefkofsky: Helping Cancer Patients Worldwide

Around 40 percent of the total adult population in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer sometime in the future. The disease has already claimed hundreds of millions of deaths since prehistory, and today, scientists are working overtime to fight the disease and find a way to cure it. There are more than 15 million people who are suffering from cancer in the United States, and the number is expected to rise in the near future. However, technological advances are being developed to combat the disease, and one of the companies which are working overtime to stop the progression of the disease is Tempus. Tempus was founded by Eric Lefkofsky, and he is currently specializing in data-enabled precision medicine.

With the advancement in technology, people are having the perception that the medical field is also in their advanced state, but they are wrong. The medical industry is still considered as having inferior technology, until the creation of technologies developed by Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky’s wife has been diagnosed with cancer, and he is doing his best to combat the disease to save his wife. However, the experience from taking care of his wife gave him a firsthand experience in dealing with people who have the disease. He found out that there are loopholes in the medical industry when talking about the collection of data from the patients, so Eric Lefkofsky decided to include a database and a piece of software at Tempus to fasten up the collection of important information.

The platform that was created by Eric Lefkofsky was praised by oncologists from around the world. They thanked him because of the creation of the platform that allows the oncologists to save their discoveries inside a large database that can be accessed anytime they wish. With the creation of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is hoping that the oncologists working 24/7 could finally develop the treatment that everyone is waiting for. Eric Lefkofsky admitted that it will be a long way before the cure for cancer can be developed, but he assured the public that Tempus is working with all the parties involved to ensure that the cure for cancer will be discovered in his lifetime.

Jeremy Goldstein Explains Business Strategy

When a business and its employees are both completely committed to doing their best for themselves, each other and the future of the company, there are options available for compensation. For their collective time and effort, employees can receive stocks in the organization to which they provide their loyal service. In the end, the reasons and the methods to see this happen are both rational and, in theory, beneficial for every one involved. This is of course as long as the economy of supply and demand yields gains for the company and its employees. Learn more:


The good news is that, with all of the prerequisite profiting out of the way, there is a stock option that fits the bill perfectly. This best stock option is known as the “knockout” and it provides solutions to the problem of supplying more compensation than just a paycheck to employees. The first reason for using knockout options as form of supplemental income is their relatively simple and completely legal functionality. This is because they are equal shares in something that each employee as should have an interest in more matter who they are or where come from. These stock options are also easy to account for and explain to the Internal Revenue Service when it comes time to file quarterly reports.


What makes these stock options the perfect icing on top of having gainful employment is the way they are not forever like other stocks and they get a “knockout” at a certain price. This makes them great incentives for employees to make the business they are a part of the best that it can be. They only ever help the stockholder and they only ever gain value, as long as the employees and the company as a team does well. They are a total win-win option.


Jeremy Goldstein knows all about these kinds of options and the benefits they can be, as he is a partner for Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. He needs to know how to best serve the interests of his employees and the company at the same time. He also advices other businesses on how to do the same.

Securus takes fight against contraband phones to the mat

Securus Technologies, one of the country’s premier inmate communications providers, has recently unveiled a much anticipated tool in the fight against the proliferation of illicit cell phones in the nation’s prison system. Known as the Wireless Communications System, the apparatus is proven to be able to intercept 100-percent of illegal phone calls in any institution where it is deployed. The device also allows corrections officers to locate any illicit cell phone with pinpoint accuracy, bringing the rate of illegal phone confiscations during random cell searches down to nearly zero in the institutions where the system has been installed. This indicates that the number of illegal cell phones being operated by inmates in those institutions has been dropped to almost nothing.



Serious tools for a serious problem


The Wireless Containment System has its roots in technology that was developed for use on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. There, a system known as Stingray was developed in order to intercept all enemy communications over cellulars networks. The device worked by tricking all phones within its operation range into thinking that they were connecting to the network’s nearest relay tower, when, in fact, they were connecting to the Stingray device. The device gave the operator the ability to either block the call outright or send it through to the tower undetected, enabling the operator to listen in and record the entire phone call.


The civilian version is much less powerful, giving it an operating radius of approximately the size of the prison grounds. One of the major obstacles in adopting the technology was the need to prove to the FCC that the device would not interfere with legitimate cellular communications. Some detractors of the system point out that this issue has not yet been fully solved. People living in immediate proximity to prisons where the Wireless Containment System are deployed may not be able to place cell phone calls normally.


However, enough of the kinks have been worked out that they system has been approved for use in some of the country’s more remote locations. Securus believes that the system will be perfected sometime within the next year, opening the door to widespread deployment, possibly in all of the nation’s jails and prisons.


This powerful cell phone detection and interdiction suite has demonstrated a 100-percent effectiveness rate in prisons where it has been installed, leading to all unauthorized cellular calls being placed within the prison to being intercepted and blocked.


This is good news for the nation’s penal facilities, which have been beset by the proliferation of illicit cell phones. With the Wireless Containment system becoming widely available, this serious threat to the safety of institutions and the public may soon be a concern of the past.


Trabuco – The Devastating Weapon Through The Middle Ages

A devastating siege weapon, launching up to a ton of solid stone at enemy walls, the Trabuco, or Trébuchet, once stormed the wars of the Middle Ages. From their invention in China in 400 A.D. to warring Europe in 600 A.D., these weapons were used for over a thousand years to bring catastrophe to enemy lines.

The machine operated much like a sling with an extended lever. A projectile is loaded into the sling and in more popular models a counterweight, employing the advantage of gravity, pulls the lever from its resting place, launching the projectile up and over. According to earliest renditions required a single person to operate, while later versions required not only a counterweight, making the Trabucos more difficult to maneuver, but also up to 45 men to handle the various ropes.

The manpower was worth it however. The devastation of the Trabuco urged Islamic scholar Mardi Al-Tarsusi to remark the machines were invented by unbelieving demons. Others through history on have said the machines launch destructive balls. The force of the giant sling could take down walls and structures in a single blow or send various projectiles over into enemy territory including horses, barrels, and even infected human bodies (alive and dead). Any army facing such an attack would be hard pressed to find a reliable defense. It is no wonder why most Trabucos in history had names such as “God’s Own Catapult,” “Bad Neighbor,” and “Warwolf.”

These massive machines only lost traction as a weapon with the emergence of gunpowder in the 14th and 15th centuries, and therefore cannons according to The last known use was in 1776 by the British in defense of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Today, Trabucos are used mostly for lessons on mechanics, students creating mini versions in classrooms to learn about potential and kinetic energy. Pumpkin throwing contests, namely the World Championship Punkin Chunkin, also employ these machines to carry about their competitions.

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