Tony Petrello, A Highly Accomplished Corporate Leader

Tony Petrello is the CEO, Chairman, and President of the Nabors Industries Limited. Nabors Industries Limited is the world’s largest land-based oil and gas drilling company. More specifically, Nabors Industries Limited deals with contract oil drilling in different countries. Tony is among the highest paid bosses in America.

Anthony Petrello holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree from the Harvard Law School. From the University of Yale, Tony holds a Bachelor of Science as well as a Masters’ Degree in Mathematics. From the year 1979 through 1991, Tony worked at Baker and McKenzie; he was the Managing Partner from 1986 to 1991. He specialized in taxation, international arbitration, and corporate law.

As from 1991, Mr. Petrello worked for Nabors Industries Limited as a Chief Operating Officer until 2011 when he became the president. Since 2012, Tony Petrello has been the Chairman of Board of Nabors Industries Limited. Tony has also been a Director of Stewart and Stevenson since 2011.

Tony’s profile shows how his experience has seen him grow to his position over the years. The profile shows he is a determined and a stout leader. These characteristics may have seen him through in the complex field at Nabors Industries Limited. His education and experience suit him perfectly for the success that Nabors Industries has achieved over the years under his leadership.

Lloyd Grove, Tony’s college roommate as published on The Daily Beast, says that Tony was very smart in Mathematics. He says that Tony was a favorite for Prof. Serge Lang, a world-renown mathematician, for being a genius at 18 years.

Tony got married to his college girlfriend, Cynthia Petrello, who is an actress and producer. Tony and his wife funded a Neurological Research Center at Texas Children’s Hospital when their daughter, Carena, was born prematurely at seven months. They funded the hospital so as to look for the cure of Cerebral Palsy that their daughter suffered. Tony is also the Director at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony didn’t top the 2014 best-paid bosses list because the company made changes in their compensation practices. The move aimed at turning back more money to shareholders.

Inability To Breathe is Terrifying But Stem Cell Therapy Eases Difficultly In Breathing

The Lung Institute, established for the sole purpose of improving the quality of life for people suffering from chronic lung diseases. Respiratory illness is debilitating when a person struggles for each breath, and living in fear of not being able to breathe.

What is COPD?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is both physically and mentally exhausting. Every movement is an effort, and the easiest of tasks leaves the patient breathes. Millions of people suffer daily from COPD and until now there has not been a treatment that proved beneficial to the patient’s overall health until Venous Stem Cell Therapy emerged and demonstrated a successful treatment for pulmonary lung disease.

COPD includes both emphysema and chronic bronchitis. With COPD, the right side of the heart becomes enlarged as the heart continues to function its routine over and over until it can no longer function.  See,

Cigarette Smoking

Our lungs, without inhaling toxins are pink in color and are covered with cilia, hairlike composition. Smoking continues to add layers of toxins over the hair-like tissue. The function of the cilia is to cleanse the lungs and keep the passageways in the lungs free of toxins. Unable to do this, toxins remain in the lungs and the damage continues to advance. The layers of residue from smoking are sticky, and the mucus that enters the lungs is also unable to leave, thus the pulmonary system is unable to fight off disease and infection, leaving the lungs susceptible to bacteria and infectious diseases.

Quality of Air

Depending on where you live and your occupation, inhalation of pollutants are another leading cause of lung disease, and in many cases, the cause of emphysema. People who live near chemical plants or use chemicals in their home, garden, or at work, must be extra careful to protect themselves from inhaling air that high in chemicals and avoid areas that burn fossil fuels to produce energy.

The Lung Institute has five locations: Tampa, FL – 813-642-6417, Nashville, TN – 615-988-1051, Dallas, TX – 214-935-1699, Scottsdale, AZ – 480-378-6658, and Pittsburgh, PA – 724-635-4202. Contact the location nearest your residence to speak with a patient coordinator to find out if you qualify for Stem Cell Therapy. You can also contact the Lung Institute via Twitter.

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Securus Technologies Mows Down The Adversary

As one of the leading communications companies in the industry, Securus Technologies provides communication platforms for correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety enterprises. The company currently serves over 3,400 clients and more than 1,200,000 inmates and their families.


The Securus platform works well with iPhones, Androids, tablets, and regular landline configurations. Calling plans include prepaid plans, direct billing plans, collect plans, and inmate debit plans where the inmate pays the bill himself. The video calling plan is very popular as the callers can see each other during the call. A webcam setup is required for that plan. A Jail Voicemail plan, email, and a special money transfer plan are all available too.


The capability of providing easy connections from inmate to family has created a paradigm shift in the inmate-family relationship, as frequent communications open up new doors in the family dynamic. Overall, the program is well-received in all of the institutions where it is installed.


A competitor of Securus, GTL, has recently begun to disseminate completely false claims which attempt to paint Securus as an inefficient and spurious provider of these services. GTL claims that their prices and services are much more superior than those of Severus. Nothing could be further from the truth, but GTL persisted. The false information and radical dribble coming from GTL seem to have originated in the Wonder Book of Dr. Crazyhead, so Securus decided to pull the plug and set things right again.


Securus put out a public challenge where is was suggested that each company put forth all of their data and metrics and secure the services of a disinterested third party entity to judge the value of each. As soon as the information about the challenge was in the public domain, the silence coming from GTL was evident. Nothing was heard from them for a few weeks when suddenly a memo was received from GTL politely declining to take part in the challenge. The proof is in the pudding, and from the standpoint of Securus, the pudding tasted very good.


Betsy DeVos – A Noted Philanthropist And A Relentless Education Reformer

Betsy DeVos currently serves as the Education Secretary in the cabinet of the U.S. President Donald Trump. She has been one of the top most education reformers in the country and has been championing the cause of education reform for many years. To ensure that there is active support for the causes she believes in firmly, including the education reforms she firmly believes the country needs, Betsy has donated generously through her family foundation that she runs with her husband, Dick DeVos.

She belonged to the Dutch ancestry and was born on January 8, 1958, to Elsa and Edgar Prince. The billionaire parents of Betsy DeVos had their hands in many different businesses at the time and were the owners of the great Prince Corporation of Holland, which at one point in time provided employment to a quarter of town’s total population. She did her graduation in Business Management and Political Science from Calvin College, where she was also involved with the student-level college politics and was quite popular in the city.

Betsy DeVos is known to be one of the most noted philanthropists in the country, and as per the media reports, the family, in general, has given away a total of $139 million over the years. However, one of the recent donations by Dick and Betsy Foundation went to the Loudspeaker Media Inc. The donation made to the organization was $400,000 to support the construction of new education website by Campbell Brown, a popular former CNN Anchor. Betsy DeVos also facilitated a donation of $200,000 to The Potter’s House, which is a Christian school located in her hometown, Grand Rapids, Michigan. She also provided $5,000 to a non-profit charter school management firm namely GREAAT Schools Inc and funded another $150,000 to Success Academy Charter Schools while commissioning another $150,000 for future payments towards the organization.

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Betsy’s foundation provided $6,500 to another conservative think-tank Intercollegiate Studies Institute Inc. and facilitated $750,000 to a libertarian think tank, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. Betsy is a firm believer that the education system existing currently in the country needs an overhaul to ensure proper and competitive education is provided to the students and is for private schooling that provides far better education than public schools. Many Christian education groups recently received funding from DeVos Foundation, which includes Grand Rapids Christian School Association, Christian Schools International, Ada Christian School Society and Rehoboth Christian School.

Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation started in 1989 and had funded tens of millions of dollars over the years to a wide range of causes, including education, health, and justice reforms, which the couple feels the country desperately needs. As an education secretary of the country, she hopes to make the positive difference in the education space now and is working relentlessly to make the difference.

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