Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi And Why Bradesco Should Not Be Complacent

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is one of the most dedicated and insightful business leaders in Brazil today. He’s the man partly responsible for the progress and growth of Bradesco today, and without his contribution, Bradesco’s leading position in the competition of big banks in Brazil would have been disadvantageous.

Not Too Complacent

There is much insightful news today regarding Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, but one of the most notable and talked about is his expert opinion of the cyclical economic conditions of Brazil between 2014 to 2016, which was featured in Folha, an online journal.

In that feature, Luiz Cappi shared the opinion that it is too early right now to celebrate the progress and economic recovery of Brazil. The growth and rise right now could still be part of a cycle that would later on dip. He even said that there could still be a resumption of a chicken flight kind of recovery.

The one way that could sustain the progressive economic system of Brazil today, he says, is to make sure that there are reforms initiated to address the incompetence and loopholes in the government according to This is, in fact, the conclusion that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was able to arrive at after the World Economic Forum that happened in Sao Paulo.

Luiz Cappi is the Chairman of Bradesco’s Board of Directors, and his position is a strong authority that could put a lot of weight to his analysis. It is part of his latest analysis, too, that there are still many reasons right now for the business community to not be too complacent. The problem of fiscal deficit in Brazil is still too strong. It risks making the business industry unsustainable, and it opens up the economy to more fragilities.

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Bradesco’s Operations

Being the CEO of Banco Bradesco also means that Luiz Cappi has to oversee the complete turnaround of every tiny change in the business operations of the bank. Bradesco right now is Brazil’s second-largest bank, and because of the recent fiscal challenges that Brazil is facing, Mr. Cappi has to make sure that it doesn’t become complacent, too.

It should also not celebrate too much the recovery that Brazil faces today. It should still be a bank that helps in reforming the policies in the public sector to encourage accountability in private firms.

Pension Reform

The urgency of these reforms should not also be underestimated. Mr. Cappi thinks that the reforms should now be initiated, as early as the first year of the next government year. In light of this, Mr. Cappi thinks that there should be a Pension Reform because it is not fair that the public elite is getting 10 to 15 times higher in pension compared to the majority. The private sector employees are even getting inferior pension arrangements today, and that surely is something that has to be resolved.

In conclusion, there are many challenges that Brazil faces, but these are not reasons to lose hope. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi leads in the optimism to not lose hope in getting Brazil back to its best years.

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Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a former Israeli diplomat who was once the country’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. He is also an international lawyer with extensive experience in this field as he has been practicing law for many years.

Daniel Taub is also a regular contributor to one of the most widely read newspapers in the world. He regularly writes articles and blogs about Israel and the Middle East. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Some of the publications that he contributes to include The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, and the Huffington Post. Mr. Taub is also the writer of Parasha Diplomatit.

This is a book that gives readers an insight of the Bible on a weekly basis. In this book, Mr. Taub has explicitly analyzed the Torah bringing out a sense of humor as well as the political perspective of the writing.

Mr. Taub is also the chief scriptwriter of the famous Israeli drama series that is called HeChatzerMr. Taub developed the series with the intention of breaking the secular and religious stereotypes that exist in Israel. This film was created and produced in an ultra-orthodox Hasidic sect.

Mr. Taub views the series as the bridge that links the Downton Abbey and the Chosen. Mr. Taub is also a prolific writer of the international law, and he gives lectures on this topic. He once served as the speechwriter to the Israeli president, Mr. Chaim Herzorg.

Mr. Taub was born in the United Kingdom. He later returned to Israel where his parents hailed from. While in Israel, Daniel Taub worked as an intellectual property lawyer.

He says that he primarily chose this field as the technology revolution was in its formative stages and there was hope that soon, technology would dominate all activities. In 1990, the Madrid Peace Conference was held.

The conference suggested that there could be peace talks between Israel and their neighbors. This sounded like an exciting undertaking for Mr. Taub as he has studied international law and the negotiation theory. He decided to join the Israelis foreign ministry. Mr. Taub later admitted that this turned to be the beginning of a long journey in the diplomacy field.

Daniel Taub talks highly of his time as Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. He says that the task kept him busy always.

Most of the times, Daniel Taub was involved in activities such as political dialogue, academic cooperation, and intelligence sharing. He always tried to keep a balance not to overdo one role at the expense of the other.

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