Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is a great company which has recently undergone an expansion and restructuring. They are the number one provider of health care and assisted living in the UK. Their patients are cared for by a caring and admiring staff who strive to keep them safe and healthy. They believe in the greats service they provide and their goal is to help each individual live the best life possible. Sussex Health Care goes the extra mile to invest in their people and motivate staff to reach their full potential. Their primary strategy revolves around education and training. They will work with all of their people to help them grow.

Sussex Health Care has hired a new CEO as of this year. It has been a great journey with the previous CEO, but it was time to implement a change of strategy. The transition has been a great experience. The new CEO is poised to grow the company into an even better care center dedicated to the treatment of sick and elderly. They primarily take care of people suffering from neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The center was built in the hopes that it would house the elderly and help them live the bet life they could. It was founded by people who truly care.


Sussex health care offers a complete benefits package of pension, uniforms, transportation, meals, education, and paid breaks. The education is top notch and provided by in-house proctors. They take pride in being able to bring out the best in their employees. The high level training takes place right there on the campus in the main facility. The Training Academy is available for all employees who are seeking extra training for their career advancement.

Currently, Sussex health Care has available positions in all fields. They are offering careers as a care assistant, payroll supervisor, deputy care home manager, and others. All fields are under the umbrella of Sussex Health Care and are provided with the same benefits package. For individuals wishing to work in-house as care assistants and nurses there are many open positions and training is available.

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