Fortress Investment Group One of the Largest Investment Managers In the World

The role of alternative asset class has significantly increased in the last few years as the general assets are underperforming. While individual investors are struggling to keep their finances in order, it has become difficult for the institutional investors as well to keep up with the market trends and its unpredictable volatility. Managing assets and defining short and long-term investment strategies mark some of the most significant challenges that the organizations face. It becomes difficult for the organizations after a point of financial growth to manage their finance and assets in a primitive manner in-house. It is when help from the professional investment and asset managers comes in handy. One of the largest alternative asset managers in the world today is Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is a publicly listed investment management firm with over $50 billion in assets under management and counting. Fortress Investment Group was founded by Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffmann. Currently, Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer of the company, which was recently taken over by the Softbank Group. All the three co-founders of Fortress Investment Group has had phenomenal success in their career in the financial world, which is what triggered the partnership and the thought of starting out on their own. Fortress Investment Group was primarily an equity firm but later moved on to other sectors as well, including real-estate investment, hedge-funds, and debt securities. The company has won many awards over the year for its remarkable performance in the hedge fund and investment management industry.

Recently, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by Softbank Group Corp for $3.3 billion. The acquisition means that Softbank owns the outstanding shares of Fortress Group. In the press release issued by Softbank, it was mentioned that all the due diligence and formal procedures for the completion of the transaction had been completed. Fortress Investment Group has close to 2,000 institutional clients across the globe and has nearly a thousand employees stationed at its headquarters in New York and other satellite offices in the United States, and elsewhere. Fortress Investment Group devices investment strategies for the clients that would help them multiply their investments over a period while also help to minimize the risks of market volatility.

The management services offered by the company also includes corporate mergers and acquisitions, which can be very complicated and time-consuming. With years of experience in the financial industry, Fortress Investment Group is geared to handle even the largest of mergers and acquisitions with ease. The company’s management team has won many awards over the years for their superlative performance and achievements, including providing clients with exemplary returns even during sluggish financial market. The equity market is the key focus of the company and the analysis done by the company is considered to be highly predictive and accurate. Many of the clients have recorded huge profits through the financial planning and advice given by the company. Fortress Investment Group continues to help its client sail through the rough financial times to ensure long-term financial goals are achieved.

HCR Wealth Advisor Providing Financial Planning Services to Clients

HCR Wealth Advisors is a firm that was launched in 1988 to help people with investment advice and planning. Simply working hard may not be enough when you are unable to invest your money wisely and make the most of it. Investments can be necessary to achieve your retirement planning and financial goals. HCR Wealth values the trust that the clients put on them to achieve their financial goals.


HCR Wealth Advisors seeks to understand the requirements of the clients and then works with them to ensure that the clients receive personalized wealth management solutions. These solutions are designed by the financial and investment advisors at HCR Wealth to help individuals achieve the financial goals they have in mind.


HCR Wealth Advisors has helped many people with their investment and financial advice. The firm also works with high net worth individuals and has several experienced financial advisors who can help educate its clients to understand what they can do financially. There are many investment options out there, but with the help of advice provided by HCR Wealth advisors, clients can better understand and choose among those options.


It is necessary to have financial planning in place if you are looking for a secure future. The financial markets can be turbulent, and it is imperative that you have a strategy in place.

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The Oxford Club: Your Passport to Wealth

You’ve landed in the new, sub-equatorial city in a different country than your own for the first time. Chosen specifically to expand your successful ice cream parlor company. The only problem is: the people here have recently experienced fatal issues with foreign milk products and have categorically resorted to goat milk; a product which you’ve long ago determined cannot work for your brand formula… So, here you are. You purchased a ticket to fly but what you really needed was an international network of entrepreneurs. Enter The Oxford Club.


Born in 1989 as the Passport Club, this private conglomerate of investors guides its members into abundance beyond money and wealth beyond tomorrow. Founded and currently located in Baltimore Maryland, it offers a wide variety of information bots, investment access tools and three levels of entry. The Oxford Club boasts a leadership composed of exceptional, financial surgeons. Alexander Green is the Chief Investment Strategist. A New York Times BestSelling author, Alex deliivers turning point news and tips through the newsletters and services: The Oxford Communique, The Insider Alert, The Momentum Alert and the True Value Alert. The Chief Income Strategist, Marc Lichtenfeld, offers his expertise through the newsletters and services: The Oxford Income Letter, the Lightning Trend Trader, the Tactical Trader Alert and The Oxford Income Mailbag. Steve McDonald, the Bond Strategist of the group, projects his word through The Oxford Bond Advantage newsletter. Matthew Carr, who personnaly developed the investment tool known as ‘Prime System,’ guides you to wealth through presentations in his Prime System Trader and Viper Alert newsletters. As the Energy Trends Specialist of the group, Matt helps you keep your investments evergreen. Other significant contributors to the continually updating database include: David Fessler, Eric Fry and Karim Rahemtulla. These fine chaps keep you in the know regarding Energy, Infrastructure, Macro Analysis and Options. Their publications include: Investment U Plus, Chairman’s Circle Breakout Alert, Fry’s Pinnacle Portfolio and Automatic Trading Millionaire newsletters and services. Through them you will learn skills such as how to gauge volatility, monitor developments in alternative power sources, tap into international trends in metals, etc.


Granted, you would still have to purchase your own ticket. Yet, you’re bound to keep your trips lucrative with this ocean tide of deep knowledge and experience on your side. You may join as a Premier club member by simply subscribing to any of The Oxford Club’s paid publications. Or you may prefer to commit into the Director’s Circle which automatically qualifies you to receive The Oxford Communique, The Oxford Income Letter and The Oxford Resource Explorer newsletters. The closest relationship with the group is found at the Chairman’s Circle level of membership. Through here, you gain a lifetime membership with The Oxford Club, a semi-annual, global networking opportunity and direct online guidance to well-rounded wealth for every aspect of your life. Maybe the next one will meet at one of your ice cream parlors!

Brian Bonar, a Finance Specialist, An Engineer and an Architect!

Brian Bonar is known as one of the most popular and successful finance specialist and executive. Trucept Incorporated, a company which is led by Brian Bonar, is also known as the most reputable globally. Brian Bonar has a background of being a leader wherever he steps his foot. Dalrada Financial Corporation asked Brian Bonar to be their leader because Brian Bonar has contacts worldwide and has all the tricks to make a business successful.

Brian Bonar has different reasons for his success. One of those reasons is that Brian knows how to build a business structure that can bring a lot of profit to the business. The business structure designed by Brian Bonar has never been rejected, and Brian has never failed in his tasks because of his dedication to his work, unlike other people who focus on money.

Brian Bonar was a student of Technical Engineering. Brian Bonar graduated from James Watt Technical College and completed his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. Brian Bonar went on to work for IBM as procurement manager.

IBM was lucky enough to work with Brian Bonar because Brian managed to show them the way to work in such a way which would gain more profit. Later, QMS offered a job to Brian as the Director of Engineering. Brian managed more than 100 people at QMS but was later offered a better and suitable job as the Sales Manager by a major company known as Adaptec.

Brian Bonar introduced his own company to the world after he gained a lot of experience by working in different major companies. Brian named his company Bezier Systems. Even though Brian introduced his own company, he went on to Dalrada Financial Services where he became a wonderful colleague to everyone.

Brian Bonar is a man with multiple talents inside him. He has a creative approach to life, and he usually combines the technical skills of an engineer and the creative skills of an architect. Brian also received an award in 2000 for his skills. A major company, Trucept Incorporated, still has Brian’s creative work in their possession.

Brian Bonar is known as the prize possession by all finance companies. Brian Bonar is still offered a lot of money for his skills by different companies, but Brian is now focused on his own company which has received multiple awards and is expected to win much more awards in the coming year.

Like everyone else, Brian also loves to go on vacations and enjoy his time with his family. Brian is known to be a good player of golf and feels that golf is a nice workout game to stay fit and healthy. Brian loves to go on boating trips with his family and says that it is the best feeling ever.