Beauty is not a crime

What is it like to be the first successful online woman entrepreneur? AMAZING! Just ask Doe Deere and her whimsical line of beauty products called, “Lime Crime”. Her online store offers vegan and cruelty-free products for women anywhere. Whether you love playing with colors or just need an extra beauty boost, Lime Crime is the place for creativity.


Deere has always been inspired by fairy tales and make-up. When it comes to a fashion show, you always need to be paired with great makeup to really bring out the magic in the idea of beauty. The brands’ mascot is a Unicorn because it represents individuality, kindness, and rare beauty.


The start of her business began on eBay and she slowly progressed to creating online videos. After, her business skyrocketed and reached more than 30 million followers on Instagram. With the help of her degree in Fashion Institute from New York, this Russian beauty became experimental with makeup. Then, she began to market her line on the internet and spoke in front of a huge audience.


Not only is she the boss of her own company, she has created the makeup in her own laboratory along with others. It was not easy to choose the right person for the job. In addition, she is proud to be a donator to charity, animal shelters, women and children needs.


Deere is a proud girl with a passion for her beauty company. She is always excited for her next beauty line to come out and make women or men happy!


Makeup, by definition, is a way of expressing yourself and how you feel at that moment to show others. Lime Crime has the best products from colorful to dark or fantasy to magical. It is a really wonderful idea that we can portray ideas onto our bodies without the harmful chemicals that many other products have in the industry.


Lime Crime is trying to revolutionize the makeup industry by helping using nature in a positive and unharmful way. Also, since these proceeds also go to good charities that help uplift the struggles many unfortunate beings are facing in today’s society.


They say that is always best to leave things better than when you found it. I am a firm believer in change for the better of humanity. With that said, the past has taught us a lot about what we can change for the future. Like for example, how would we ever know that harmful chemicals can hurt us without testing it first in the lab? Which is why chemical free and natural made make up is the best for our bodies and most importantly this environment that we try our best to protect.


Lime Crime is going to become a great trend for good talks in the beauty industry. It has changed the expectations of creating make up for people everywhere. Their promise stands true, they do not hurt animals in turn, do not hurt people either. Doe Deere has definitely changed the make up industry.


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