Dr. Saad Saad – A Life of Medical Innovation, Dedication, and Excellence

Dr. Saad is an extremely successful pediatric surgeon with a number of interesting things to share about his life and that of his children with respect to life lessons. His children, as well, are successful and highly educated. They are also quite prosperous. After 47 years in medicine, Dr. Saad has led an interesting life filled with service, personal sacrifice, and medical innovation.

He has some strong philosophies about success in life. A person should never accept anything less than realization of the success they have chosen to pursue. For Dr. Saad, life began in Palestine. He remembers when authorities moved his family, absent his father, to the West Bank. Sadly, they would never return home. His father finally found his relocated family after paying the large sum of money required to take him across the river where he could once again join them.

Fortunately, his father’s skill was as a petroleum mechanic. With such high-demand skills, his father relocated the entire family to Kuwait. As such, Dr. Saad spent the early years of his youth in Kuwait. It was Dr. Saad’s father who reminded him that a true path to respect and success in life is extreme education. His father drilled in him that an education and knowledge would allow him to accomplish anything he set out to achieve. He focused on becoming a pediatric surgeon.

Today, Dr. Saad practices medicine in Eatontown, New Jersey and affiliates with several hospitals that include Monmouth Medical Center, and Jersey Shore University Medical Center. He studied and received his medical degree at Cairo University School of Medicine. During his life, his medical practice thrived.

Dr. Saad always believed that a person should never put off until tomorrow what they could accomplish in the present. This was a daily practice of his that led to success and enabled him to realize a higher level of success over a lifetime. Thus, a focus on the task at hand is the key to success in any endeavor. It allows a person to leverage their time in the best ways possible.

At the time that Dr. Saad became a pediatric surgeon that is US Board Certified, the industry considered it to be a rare accomplishment by any surgeon. He kept pushing, and by 1985, he could boast being the only pediatric surgeon in America that spoke both English and Arabic fluently.

With respect to innovation, Dr. Saad has developed procedures that have helped him to improve care. One example is the elimination of having to cut more than once on a child’s body that such surgeries previously required. The medical profession received his procedure with open arms. This improved the lives of thousands of young children. This will always be a part of his legacy.  Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2

Glen Wakeman – A Successful World Business Executive, Investor, and Writer

Glen Wakeman is currently the LaunchPad Holdings CEO after pursuing a career in finance and business. He co-founded the SAAS Company in 2015. Glen is a graduate of University of Scranton and graduated in BS in Economics & Finance in 1981. In 1993, he also pursued an MBA in Finance from Chicago University. Later, he commenced a flourishing profession in Business Development Positions and P&L at GE Capital.

Glen has revolutionized various businesses that incorporate over 17,000 staff members and $15 billion in assets during his length profession facilitating to their success and development. His work has involved the startups’ guidance, new market, M&As, startups, divestitures, and exponential growth among others. Glen Wakeman, likewise, utilizes his proven mechanism utilizing five major performance fields: governance, execution, risk management, leadership, human capital, and governance.

Being in the field of investment and writing, Glen has been able to share his experience through custom blog posts regarding emerging markets, global fiscal matters, administration & management, and strategy and more. Being the mentor, he has helped numerous C-level managers and presently counsels Sitter Bees and Dream funded.


Glen frequently blogs regarding business transformation, world affairs and leadership and gives advice on angel financing, strategy, and raising of capital. Glen mentors various C-level officials in addition to being a mentor to various startups. Usually, he is enthusiastic about innovation, growth and executive development. After living in six different nations and having been accountable for a wide variety of operations in 30 different regions globally, Glen has acquired key global recognition in the entire executive profession.

Glen Wakeman Company, LaunchPad Holdings runs a wholly automated program service that ensures early stage entrepreneurs plan their ideas into achievable plans. The company’s user base is national and enjoys a growing growth curve. Glen is passionate in establishing businesses by enhancing individual and company agility and through utilizing a proven mechanism that improves and assesses five major dimensions of performance, which are leadership, human capital, execution, risk management and governance.

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