How Eva Moskowitz is Changing the USA Education

Eva Sarah Moskowitz was born in born March 4, 1964, and is an American citizen born in the New York City. She is the founder and CEO of the Success Academy Charter Schools, which was formerly called “Harlem Success Academy” at the time of its foundation. Operating in more than thirty public charter schools around the city of New York, it is a renowned school which exists since it was created in 2006 and has many other buildings scattered around the region.



The school already has more than ten thousand students, including all of the scholars included in the thirty-four Success Academy Schools. The buildings that are run by Eva Sarah Moskowitz can be found in every NYC borough except the Staten Island, for now. The CEO of the company does have plans to include her school in that region as well, to create a quality education for every citizen of New York City equally.



The founder of the successful school network is very dedicated to promoting a better education for her country. She is the leader responsible for the Great Public Schools PAC, which is a Public Action Committee that speaks for the education problems in the American nation. Eva Moskowitz was also Chairwoman of the Education Committee before founding her school chain, in 1999. She left the spot in 2005 to dedicate her life to creating her own school.



She is a very prepared businessperson to be running the Success Academy. She was a Ph.D. in history and a lot of knowledge with running a business. She is also responsible for the teaching methods of the school she runs. In the Successful Academy, Eva Moskowitz thinks it is important to apply discipline to teach the students how to become better civilians and good people.



On the same hand, Ms. Moskowitz has founded the effort academy inside the school, which is a program for students to get better at their daily life in the school.



Before the CEO decided to create her own school chains to provide a better education for her nation, she was a professor of communications and mass culture, at the University of Virginia.

Who is Nick Vertucci?

Real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses, but not everyone is lucky to enjoy the success that comes with a real estate business on Most people are tied by lack of a strategic direction. If you are looking to invest in the real estate flipping business or if you have been in the business but have not succeeded in it, then you should consider attending Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

Flip with Nick Vertucci events are held every other week in a city near you. Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy holds free previews for their events, in each of the 50 states. However, it is in Orange County that most of these events are held. The academy has been in existence since the year 2005 but it was only three years ago that the company became incorporated at Today, it boasts of an A+ grade as awarded by the BBB Accreditation Body. The company has only been recorded for one complaint, which was successfully closed.

People who attend the Flip with Nick Seminars will tell you that it is worth your money. From the previews themselves, you can learn a lot about investing in the real estate business. However,it is during the seminars that you learn how to mint money out of your real estate business. Nick Vertucci will teach you all about locating the best properties. He will also teach you on how to network and build relationships so that you can get work done by other people and make profits without having to go dig back into your pockets.

One thing you need to know about Flip with Nick seminars is that they do not teach you how to make some quick money. Rather, you are taught how to start in the business and have sustainable strategies to sustain you through the various business cycles.

About Nick Vertucci
Nick Vertucci is a real estate guru with a passion for educating others about the industry. He grew up in a low-income family and watched as his mother struggled to put food on the table for him and his siblings. Watching his mother struggle motivated him to venture into business at a very tender age. By the age of 18 he had a business of selling computer parts on His business was doing really well until the year 2000 when everything went south. Few years later he was invited, by a friend, to a real estate seminar that changed his life.

Bob Reina: He Is Doing It For The People

Bob Reina is someone that people should look up to and try to model their lives after, as he is the real deal when it comes to human beings. As the old saying goes, they broke the mold when they created him. He is one of those rare human beings that are unselfish, kind, and caring toward others in his business ventures. With his business ventures, he is looking out for the people as opposed to only his personal interests. When he created and founded Talk Fusion back in 2007, he knew he had a special product on his hands and it was going to change lives. Learn more:


As he has pointed out in previous talks and interviews, that was the goal from the very start. He did not just want to create something that was ordinary or run-of-the-mill. That is not the Bob Reina way. When he attaches his name to something, he wants it to mean something and really matter. He takes pride in his name and he takes pride in Talk Fusion. After all, this is an award-winning company. The company won two awards in 2016, and he knows that with those awards there comes a special amount of responsibility. That is not something he is going to take lightly. In fact, he wants to prove to the world those awards were earned and Talk Fusion is going to keep stepping up their game. Learn more:


With Talk Fusion, people can either use it for the home or for the office. That is completely up to them and how they feel at that particular time in their lives. For many folks, they have come to a point in their lives where a change is needed in their business and in terms of how they make money. They have been at a particular place for a long time, and they need to switch it up as they want to feel inspired and they want to feel happy with what they are doing. Learn more:


Happiness matters and it means something to people. With Talk Fusion’s applications, they can work from home and make some serious money.



The Epilogue of Hussain Sajwani’s Successful Business Career

Hussain sajwani is a business person with origins in United Arab Emirates. He is a renowned founder and chairman of DAMAC properties. Sajwani is a graduate from the University of Washington. In his early years, sajwani worked as a contract manager in GASCO.

In 1982, Sajwan left his job and opted to start his own firm, DAMAC Properties. The firm is an employer of over 2000 persons. Hussein is the chairman of this global property development company. Born in mid 1950s, Hussein sajwani is among the Dubai property market expansion pioneers.

Sajwani’s first business was food service. This venture attracted a variety of customers including the U.S. military. Later in 1990s, Hussein sajwani established several hotels in emirates.

There were several businessmen flowing into the emirates at the time. As a result, this establishment expanded rapidly. This food service firm still runs under his management. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

In 2002, Hussein founded DAMAC Properties. This is a residential real estate developer in Dubai. It started at a time when foreigners were first allowed to own properties in the emirates. Sajwan has ever since been royal to Dubai’s. He does this by burnishing its reputation as a glamorous destination. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg

DAMAC is among the spontaneously growing companies in the world. This trend has been attributed to the visionary leadership of Hussein Sajwani. The main role of DAMAC is to develop leisure, residential and commercial properties. DAMAC provides its services in the Middle East and Dubai. On the other hand, DAMAC invests in real estate projects.

Among his other business adventures, Sajwani merged with Donald Trump in 2013. This business move resulted to two, Trump-branded golf courses. The Dubai based golf courses opened early 2017. As a matter of fact, the relationship between Trump and Sajwani is commendable. A case in point is when Trump paid tribute to Sajwan during a press conference. Trump acknowledged Sajwani as a good person and friend.

In conclusion, Hussein Sajwani is an investor and a business person. Besides he has good records in capital market and global equity. Currently, Hussein holds several security investment portfolios in both regional and global markets.

George Street Photo & Wedding: Saving Wedding Memories in Style

For those who have not heard about George Street Photo & Video, you do not know what you are missing out on! This company is always bringing new and creative photography ideas when it comes to wedding photography. With a presence is about 40 cities in the country, their services have impacted the lives of many couples.

Planning a wedding in NYC can be hectic but the experts at George Street Photo and Video Address NYC make the whole experience easy for you. First of all, they take care of the photography details so that you do not have to worry about it. They also have various details which you can choose from. These include classic, modern, artistic, documentary or lifestyle photo and video styles.

The company has covered very many weddings and they never fail to deliver on their promise. Choose any of their wedding photography packages and save your wedding memories in style.


Brian Bonar, a Finance Specialist, An Engineer and an Architect!

Brian Bonar is known as one of the most popular and successful finance specialist and executive. Trucept Incorporated, a company which is led by Brian Bonar, is also known as the most reputable globally. Brian Bonar has a background of being a leader wherever he steps his foot. Dalrada Financial Corporation asked Brian Bonar to be their leader because Brian Bonar has contacts worldwide and has all the tricks to make a business successful.

Brian Bonar has different reasons for his success. One of those reasons is that Brian knows how to build a business structure that can bring a lot of profit to the business. The business structure designed by Brian Bonar has never been rejected, and Brian has never failed in his tasks because of his dedication to his work, unlike other people who focus on money.

Brian Bonar was a student of Technical Engineering. Brian Bonar graduated from James Watt Technical College and completed his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University. Brian Bonar went on to work for IBM as procurement manager.

IBM was lucky enough to work with Brian Bonar because Brian managed to show them the way to work in such a way which would gain more profit. Later, QMS offered a job to Brian as the Director of Engineering. Brian managed more than 100 people at QMS but was later offered a better and suitable job as the Sales Manager by a major company known as Adaptec.

Brian Bonar introduced his own company to the world after he gained a lot of experience by working in different major companies. Brian named his company Bezier Systems. Even though Brian introduced his own company, he went on to Dalrada Financial Services where he became a wonderful colleague to everyone.

Brian Bonar is a man with multiple talents inside him. He has a creative approach to life, and he usually combines the technical skills of an engineer and the creative skills of an architect. Brian also received an award in 2000 for his skills. A major company, Trucept Incorporated, still has Brian’s creative work in their possession.

Brian Bonar is known as the prize possession by all finance companies. Brian Bonar is still offered a lot of money for his skills by different companies, but Brian is now focused on his own company which has received multiple awards and is expected to win much more awards in the coming year.

Like everyone else, Brian also loves to go on vacations and enjoy his time with his family. Brian is known to be a good player of golf and feels that golf is a nice workout game to stay fit and healthy. Brian loves to go on boating trips with his family and says that it is the best feeling ever.

Wen by Chaz: A Total Hair Solution

Every woman looks great with well-kept hair. Numerous hair products in the market make the undertaking a bit terrifying more so when trying out new products that produce undesirable results. Broken strands, hard-hair, and difficulty in styling are among the most feared results when trying out new products. Wen by Chaz however, comes as the best; the products are worth the risk if you are a new user. Available in an all-in-one package ( that includes the shampoo conditioner and styling gel, nothing more is required to give that pretty finish that you’ve always desired.

As personalities are different, so is individual hair. It means that different applications may be required to produce results in different persons. WEN hair is fit for all types of hair. It does not matter the texture, color or length. The package comes with instructions designed for different hair types and with the capacity to produce the desired results. It is important to note that to achieve the best, it might require using the product for a few days. However, within the first day of using Wen cleansing conditioner be assured to notice positive results.

Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner package. Manufactured from natural products, it cleans the hair leaving a shiny effect after every wash. Available in an all-in-one package, it is important to ensure that the hair products are not in use alongside others. Over and above all it is important to follow the directions provided. In using the products for approximately one week, there is an assurance of achieving the best results. As such you do not have to wait for decades to get off that cumbersome exercise of maintaining your hair at its best. Available at a pocket-friendly cost, Wen by Chaz products come as the best solution for women from across the globe, of all races and age. It gives the best of natural beauty. For more hair care tips, visit the Wen Twitter account and Facebook page.

Helane Morrison Fights For Justice For The Customer

Helane Morrison does not like abuse of power. One of the issues she has with this is that it causes a lot of problems, not just for the person that is the victim of the abuse, but also the person who is the abuser. The corporations are causing themselves problems in the long run because everything they do eventually comes back to bite them. This is one of the reasons that Helane Morrison is passionate about being a compliance officer. She sees the purpose behind the work that she does. This is one of the reasons that she has gained a high position in every firm that she has worked for.


In her educational years, she has pursued justice and law. She has also studied with a lot of passion towards the work that she does. This is one of the reasons that she has been effective in her career. She studied the field that she wanted to get into so that she could actually know where she could go as far as her boundaries are. One thing she wants to do is respect the boundaries of everyone that she deals with. After all, she wants to be an example of the type of society she is trying to bring forth. She is not hoping to get other people to respect boundaries by violating other boundaries.


After her work as a compliance officer with her own firm, she has decided to join a couple of other women in the founding of what has become known as Hall Capital. She has joined up as the compliance officer. This is to make sure that her company sticks to the rules that they have put forth. One thing that she wants is for people to be able to trust the companies that they deal with to be fair.

Results of Study Show People Are Listening to Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz, Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, recently announced the results of a comprehensive study conducted by Edison Research. This series of studies looked at the results of advertising tests across five product and service categories with major national consumer brands.

This study is the first of its kind, looking at pre- and post-campaign brand lift and was conducted over the last six months of 2016. The study showed a positive impact on intent to purchase, recall of specific messaging, and brand recall on podcast advertising.

The studies have shown that more than 60 percent of the listeners mentioned the specific grocery brand after the campaign, as compared to only 7 percent who did the same before the campaign.

Product awareness after the campaign also increased by 37 percent for an automobile product, 24 percent for a lawn and garden product, and 47 percent for a financial services product. The study also showed that more than one-third of people had a very good opinion of an automobile product. Message awareness for a casual dining restaurant increased by 76 percent after the campaign and an automobile product message awareness increased by 60 percent.

Three separate studies were conducted in 2016 by Edison Research on behalf of the media giant, PodcastOne. The studies were done to examine podcast advertising effectiveness. Some of the brands used in the campaign were well known, but others were not.

Online surveys were completed 4-6 weeks before the campaign began and then again after the campaign was completed. Executive Chairman of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz was very pleased with the results, showing that podcast audiences were receptive to brand messages and even showed more willingness to purchase those particular brands.

Norman Pattiz is well known in the media world, as the founder of Westwood One and PodcastOne. He has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and sits on the board at many organizations like Los Alamos National Security LLC and the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Norman Pattiz also sits on the board of regents of the University of California.

According to Forbes, Norman Pattiz is on the Pacific Council on International Policy and the Council of Foreign Relations. Norman Pattiz was even appointed by President Clinton and President Bush to sit on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, overseeing all non-military broadcast services on an international scale.

He also helped to create a radio and TV broadcast service that services 22 countries in the Middle East.

Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Tony Petrello, A Highly Accomplished Corporate Leader

Tony Petrello is the CEO, Chairman, and President of the Nabors Industries Limited. Nabors Industries Limited is the world’s largest land-based oil and gas drilling company. More specifically, Nabors Industries Limited deals with contract oil drilling in different countries. Tony is among the highest paid bosses in America.

Anthony Petrello holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree from the Harvard Law School. From the University of Yale, Tony holds a Bachelor of Science as well as a Masters’ Degree in Mathematics. From the year 1979 through 1991, Tony worked at Baker and McKenzie; he was the Managing Partner from 1986 to 1991. He specialized in taxation, international arbitration, and corporate law.

As from 1991, Mr. Petrello worked for Nabors Industries Limited as a Chief Operating Officer until 2011 when he became the president. Since 2012, Tony Petrello has been the Chairman of Board of Nabors Industries Limited. Tony has also been a Director of Stewart and Stevenson since 2011.

Tony’s profile shows how his experience has seen him grow to his position over the years. The profile shows he is a determined and a stout leader. These characteristics may have seen him through in the complex field at Nabors Industries Limited. His education and experience suit him perfectly for the success that Nabors Industries has achieved over the years under his leadership.

Lloyd Grove, Tony’s college roommate as published on The Daily Beast, says that Tony was very smart in Mathematics. He says that Tony was a favorite for Prof. Serge Lang, a world-renown mathematician, for being a genius at 18 years.

Tony got married to his college girlfriend, Cynthia Petrello, who is an actress and producer. Tony and his wife funded a Neurological Research Center at Texas Children’s Hospital when their daughter, Carena, was born prematurely at seven months. They funded the hospital so as to look for the cure of Cerebral Palsy that their daughter suffered. Tony is also the Director at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony didn’t top the 2014 best-paid bosses list because the company made changes in their compensation practices. The move aimed at turning back more money to shareholders.